Welcome to the Chronicles of a Nature Photographer section of my website. Thank you for visiting. If you are a nature lover, interested in photography or would like to spend more time relaxing, then this book is for you.

It was a joy to write and select the photographs that are included in the book—all 175 of them. What is interesting about the essays in Chronicles is that everything written is true. This is my sixth book, the third nonfiction to compliment my three fiction books; two novels and one short story collection. And writing Chronicles was like taking a journey back in time. Recalling the adventures and happenings that make each essay fun to read.

I’m also happy to share my photography knowledge—from settings, to composition, to camera choices. Much of which was acquired during my college days, endless research, and first-hand experience in the field and on the water.

First readers of Chronicles have told me they found the essays inspiring—from “My Hummingbird Story” to “In Search of Snowy Owls.” All of nature has that affect on people, and my writing and picture taking point out how nature can do that.

Take a look around the website and if you like more nature photos, go back to the Home Page and click on the gallery. If you decide to buy the book, I hope you enjoy it and share what you like with your friends and family.



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