Eagle Sightings on Long Island, NY

Sightings of the American Bald Eagle are always special – one can’t help feel inspired.  I would like to pass along a note of thanks to Steven D’Amato of the Great South Bay Audubon Society for helping me with a solid identification and providing interesting details about the eagles.  Steve explains, “Bald Eagles are rare on Long Island, though their numbers have been increasing over the years.  The male and female are identical in plumage, but the female eagle is significantly larger than the male.  It takes about four to five years for an eagle to reach adult maturity which is indicated by a white head and tail as seen in your photographs.”

Going back to 2011, I had heard rumors of eagle sightings along the Carman’s River in the Hamlet of Brookhaven, NY.  And even though I often kayak these waters, I never had the luck of spotting one.  That is until the summer of 2014 when in late June I came across a pair of eagles and had the wonderful opportunity to photograph them.  Then recently, on August 29th 2014 I had the pleasure of spotting the eagles again.  I do not know if they are the same pair as the June sighting, although from what I read it is highly likely.

Enjoy these photos and the video clip – use the Contact page if you have any questions about the sightings.

Visit my Facebook page to see another video clip (along with some images) of an eagle sighting taken on 6/24/14. Just scroll down to the eagle postings. Enjoy!