The Healing Power of Nature is a practical exploration of how spending time with nature can influence a person’s health & well-being. Along the way, John calls on over 30 years working in healthcare education, his own fight with illness, and his years as a lover of the outdoors, all while presenting the scientific facts.

Enjoy John’s waterscape and wildlife photographs while discovering how to reconnect with nature. Learn about which nature we are referring to, the importance of calming your mind, the health benefits of the outdoors, happiness & the restorative advantage of nature, and why it is especially important to share this spirit with children—all of which will inspire you to spend more time with nature.

This book is dedicated to those who preserve and rescue our wildlife, waterways, and open spaces.

Avanced Praise:

If everyone was required to read Cardone’s Healing Power of Nature, the world would be a better and healthier place… and I think our health insurance costs would be a lot lower as well!

- Sal Randazzo, Retired Educator

In this well-documented work, John P. Cardone underlines the important points that nature is a gift and that it can provide multifaceted benefits; physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. My 30 years of pastoring mirror Cardone’s findings—in a world fraught with anxiety, one proven, yet underused therapy remains: the call of the great outdoors.

- Rev. Richard Allen, Pastor, Sayville United Methodist Church

In an age wherein technology and pharmacology purport to be the “cure” for all human ills, Cardone’s new Waterviews book reminds us that the Healing Power of Nature may be just what the doctor ordered. Cardone’s graphic descriptions and scientific data serve as refreshing reminders that nature offers countless resources to soothe and sanctify.

- Richard C. Scheinberg, LCSW, BCD, Psychotherapist, Author, and Director of Sunrise Counseling Center, East Islip, NY

In this well crafted tome, John P. Cardone captures the true essence of how we as human beings benefit from the natural world around us. John eloquently demonstrates how animals, plants, gardens and the natural landscape that we co-exist with are essential to our quality of life.

- Vinnie A. Simeone, Director, Planting Fields Arboretum

Cardone knows first-hand the benefits of The Healing Power of Nature. His peaceful photos are not only beautiful, they capture the scents, light, shadows, sounds, textures, stillness and colors of nature. It is a beautiful, informative book… I feel better already.

- Charlee Miller, Executive Director, Art League of Long Island

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The Healing Power of Nature is available in Perfect Bound Paperback and eBook formats. A special, author signed hardcover coffee table edition is available from the author.

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