Welcome to The Healing Power of Nature website, thank you for visiting. This new book marks a very exciting time for me as I continue to address how important it is to spend time in nature. In the book's introduction, I pointed out that while I always enjoyed being outdoors, it has been in the last ten years that this enjoyment has become more meaningful. Whether in my lectures, my photography classes, written work or my photographs, I share the magnificence and wonder of nature.

During the research for the book, it astounded me how much the health benefits of spending time in nature has been studied, written about, and demonstrated. And I know in my own case, how much the outdoors meant to me during the time I was fighting serious illness. I am also inspired by others to do more. The stories people have shared about their own experiences in nature push me to spread the word—to move folks to get up, get outside, and reconnect with the natural world.

In the Healing Power of Nature, there are six chapters and many ideas to ponder. It is written as a practical exploration of how nature can influence our health and well-being, but I think in the end it does more. My goal was to add my voice to the conversation, I hope you enjoy the book and help spread the word.

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