The glass of water posted on this page is very symbolic. Some years ago, a glass half-filled with water was used in a TV commercial to demonstrate perspective by noting that some people look at the glass and see it half-full while others look and see a glass half-empty. The commercial went on to point out that they see it as a way to quench a thirst or water a plant. It drew a great deal of attention at the time.

When I look at the glass of water today, I hear bells sounding an alarm—one that everyone should hear. The alarm concerns our drinking water, along with the environmental damage society is wrecking on our fresh water supply and the pollution of our surface waters. As I paddle Long Island waters, I can see signs of the pollution and worry what the future holds for our children and grandchildren. Preservation is the answer.

An important focus of Waterviews is help draw attention to these issues and to help create a dialogue to get people talking. The louder this voice is, the more difficult it will be to ignore. If you want to join in, look into the links to the right for some of the most active organizations and find a place to fit in. Even if it is learning more about where our water comes from, or how you can change things, or contribute to the work. I hope one day, we can all toast their success!

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